Dambis (2011) Marathi Full Movie

Released on: Dec 09, 2011

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Runtime: 184 min

Langauge: Marathi

Actor Makrand Anaspure , Shubhankar Atre, Lokesh Gupte , Pradhyna Shastri

Director Makrand Anaspure

Producer Sayaji Shinde, Makrand Anaspure, Valmik Murkute

Dambis Story:

Dambis is a Comedy, Drama Marathi movie released in 2011. The movie directed by Makrand Anaspure and produced by Sayaji Shinde, Makrand Anaspure, Valmik Murkute. The film stars Makrand Anaspure , Shubhankar Atre, Lokesh Gupte , Pradhyna Shastri. Watch Dambis full movie online for free and also check out the promo, trailers and songs of Dambis.In today’s world, when globalization is on the peek and everyone want to be on the top, earn more money and be a successful professional, to do so each one of us is running around to work as much as one can but no one has thought of the reason of doing this , why they are chasing in race, for whom or who is getting befits of that , today’s parent think that they are doing everything for their kids or to secure their future , but have they thought of their present , are they happy in their life today? No one has answer to this. Dambis films focus on such issue when due to lack to company from parent how kid’s childhood gets screwed , films shows us that kids don’t need expensive toys or gifts but the true love , time and attention from their parent , which is the most precious gift for them on earth The overall communication between parent and the warmth of the family relations seems to be getting lost in the modern times due to the nuclear family system and the younger generation constantly running in pursuit of their career goals. In addition to that the changing lifestyle and the residential compact flat system is inadvertently forcing individuals to be completely engrossed in oneself causing a rare dialogue taking place among relatives, friends and neighbors. As a result of this, the parents involved in handling both, the career and home responsibilities, seem to be unknowingly ignore their children. It is on this social malady, making an apt comment and seeking a lost charm of the communication among family members, coming the new Marathi feature film ‘Dambis’, with the directorial ability of the versatile actor Makrand Anaspure. The trio Sayaji Shinde, Makrand Anaspure and Valmik Murkute have come together to produce this film. Story of film is simple yet it goes deep in our heart when we realize the truth or relate with our lives, Parth a young boy finds himself living in the confines of a modern nuclear family. His overdriven parents Siddhant and Nileema are moving up the social ladder but have no quality time to invest in parth`s upbringing. Parth misses the presence of a grandfather in his life and is adamant about meeting his. Parths father has no parents and mother has strained relation with her father so they cunningly hire an actor to play his gandfather to satisfy Parth`s insistence. The struggling actor in turn with his high on human values approach changes Parth`s life for good. He plays mentor to him and eventually stirs his parents to give up on their distorted perspectives. Following an argument with Nileema finally Dattu the actor vanishes with Parth. Watch the movie to know what happens as a result of this. Makarand confidently takes upon himself to point out the flaws of the nuclear family system is very convincing way. He even suggests ways to rectify them, but uses the oft-travelled preachy path. The almost two-hour film keep you glue to the screen. The first half sees Parth pining and whining for a grandparent. Admittedly, his buffoon act never fails to make one laugh, but he’s done the same for far too long now. Dambis is a film that tries to show the other and harsh side of globalization. In India people use to live in a joint family system, but nowadays major educated youngsters are migrating towards the metropolis in search of a brighter future. Yet, when they find themselves in a rat race of becoming wealthy and progressive, they unknowingly or knowingly miss living, what we would call life. Dambis shows that one slice of what they are missing.

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