Dandagi Mule (2012) Marathi Full Movie

Released on: 2012

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 173 min

Langauge: Marathi

Actor Rugved Soman, Kshitij Chauhan, Shantanu Shinde, Abhishek Rathore, Niranjan Londhe

Director Yogesh Soman

Dandagi Mule Story:

Dandagi Mule is a Drama Marathi movie released in 2012. The movie directed by Yogesh Soman and produced by . The film stars Rugved Soman, Kshitij Chauhan, Shantanu Shinde, Abhishek Rathore, Niranjan Londhe. Watch Dandagi Mule full movie online for free and also check out the promo, trailers and songs of Dandagi Mule.‎'Dandagi Mule' is a story of notorious kids in a school from small village. These 7th grade students are infamous for their pranks amongst the teachers and also in the entire village. they have been punished for their mischief quite a lot of times but they were so engrossed in enjoying their pranks that they hardly bothered about punishment. one day the principal receives a letter from collector office. It reads that the President of India will be visiting the district in coming fortnight and will also visit the school. The entire village, teachers, students, all get excited about the visit and eagerly start preaparing for the wel-come programme. but unfortunatly during the same time these natorious kids commit a mischief and the principal expels them from school thinking doing this will be beneficial for school image during the President's visit. Children find this insult very stinging and resolve to undertake a memorial task. after a fair amount of brainstorming the decide to conduct an experiment taught in science class it includes generating electricity with the help of wind energy. they start accumulating required equippments. One of them brings a fan which is not in use; one of them steels a dinamo from laundrymans cycle. on one fine evening the experiment is sucessfully carried out in Lord Shiva's temple. These notorious kids get overwhelmed by the joy of success. Two days before the President's arrival police take hold of the school for the security purposes. on the same very day at night our team of notorious kids efficiently manages to bring the equipments in school and arrange them properly. the fan is hangged on the terrace and the bulbe is hanged in the 7th grade classroom where the President was suppose to meet the students. Finally the most awaited day, the day of President's visit rises and President's Squad enters the village. The President receives the wel-come salute in the school yard by NCC cadets followd by a group song and diffrent demonstrations. While the President is busy felicitating the scholership students our team of notorious kids are in diffrent tension altogether. unfortunatly that day the main componenet of their experiment namely wind was not blowing and as a result creating hindrance in electricity generation. They start getting worried about how the bulb will blow.

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