Chachi 420 (1998) Hindi Full Movie

Released on: 1998

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Runtime: 134 min

Langauge: Hindi

Actor Kamal Hassan, Tabu, Amrish Puri, Om Puri, Johny Walker, Paresh Rawal, Nassar, Ayesha Jhulka, Baby Sana, Atul Agnihotri, Ritu Shivpuri, Rajendranath Zutshi, Priya

Director Kamal Haasan

Producer Kamal Haasan

Chachi 420 Story:

Chachi 420 is a Drama, Comedy Hindi movie released in 1998. The movie directed by Kamal Haasan and produced by Kamal Haasan. The film stars Kamal Hassan, Tabu, Amrish Puri, Om Puri, Johny Walker, Paresh Rawal, Nassar, Ayesha Jhulka, Baby Sana, Atul Agnihotri, Ritu Shivpuri, Rajendranath Zutshi, Priya. Watch Chachi 420 full movie online for free and also check out the promo, trailers and songs of Chachi 420.This complete entertainer is in no doubt inspired by the Hollywood film Mrs Doubtfire but as stated by Kamal Hassan himself this film is a Showfire, a very well made Indianized version of the original film. It is a film for the masses as well as for the classes. The movie starts out slowly, Jayaprakash Paswan (Kamal Haasan) is a dance choreographer. Janki (Tabu) is the only daughter of millionaire Durgaprasad (Amrish Puri). Janki and Jayaprakash fall in love with each other but Durgaprasad does not like Jayaprakash, since he is poor by his standards. Durgaprasad tries to bribe Jayaprakash for leaving his daughter, which Jayaprakash rejects. Janki elopes with Jayaprakash and marries him. But, in a few years time, there is an ego clash which finally results in divorce Janki is left with custody of their daughter, Bharati. Jayaprakash is allowed supervised visits (hummm... are we now sounding like Mrs. Doubtfire??) once a week with his child. But, he doesn't like this and with the help of his friend Joseph (Johnny Walker) he gets the makeup of a woman, Mrs Lakshmi Godbole with his friend's help is transformed into a woman, Mrs. Godbole, who lands a job as Bharati's caretaker. Mrs Godbole manages to win the heart of Durgaprasad. Durgaprasad even wishes to marry Mrs Godbole and on the other hand Jayaprakash's landlord (Paresh Rawal) also wishes to marry Mrs Godbole. To avoid both these men, Mrs Godbole makes new stories about her husband. Now to make matters more complicated, Janki realises her mistake and decides to go back to her husband. So Mrs Godbole dies but not before Durgaprasad accepts Jayaprakash. The film is fun-filled with many comic scenes. Kamal Haasan is superb and par excellence in the role of Mrs Godbole. Kamal Haasan's direction is fantastic. He handles every scene with precision and the fine tuning it takes to become a wonderful director. His first Hindi venture as director has come out in a well-polished well-done movie. Tabu's acting is brilliant, Ayesha Jhulka hardly has a few scenes and songs but looks good. Amrish Puri in a different role does a wonderful job. Even Paresh Rawal gives his best. But the surprise packet of the film is Om Puri. In the role of the cellular-obsessed-secretary of Amrish Puri who keeps an eye on Mrs Godbole, he just steals the show. Surprisingly enough, this movie has only one thing copied from Mrs. Doubtfire, the theme. The rest of the movie is pulled off with a witty, wacky script (written by Gulzar) and wonderful direction and editing. The second half of the movie is especially very fast and enjoyable. Vishal's music is not so memorable but songs like Chupdi Chupdi Chachi... and Dauda Dauda Bhaagaa.. do go well with yhe film. A must-see film - for its performance and good direction, devoid of routine formula drama

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