Bayo (2006) Marathi Full Movie

Released on: 2006

Genre: Romance, Drama

Runtime: 145 min

Langauge: Marathi

Actor Mrinal Kulkarni, Vikram Ghokhale , Shreyas Talpade, Bharati Achrekar

Director Gajendra Ahire

Bayo Story:

Bayo is a Romance, Drama Marathi movie released in 2006. The movie directed by Gajendra Ahire and produced by . The film stars Mrinal Kulkarni, Vikram Ghokhale , Shreyas Talpade, Bharati Achrekar. Watch Bayo full movie online for free and also check out the promo, trailers and songs of Bayo.Bayo, A film by famous and talented director Gajendra Ahire , supreme piece of acting , good and unique storyline and spectacular cinematography. Bayo is story of a girl from small village of kokan , a girl who is in search of her love and waiting for love for endless time., Mrinal Kulkarni, a famous writer write a book on it, her endless belief on her love and what all hurdles she faces in her life. Bayo is the story which certainly touches to the heart and its must watch. This is a sad love story in the early 1940s. Start of the story shows us a character "Bayo", who is writing letters to "Vishwanath". Apparently "Vishwanath" is not staying in the house where letter are going. Raavi and her husband Prasad, are staying in the house. Raavi is a sensitive writer. And is not doing anything as they are in England. Finally Raavi opens all the letters and reads them chronologically. After reading the letters Raavi understands, that "Bayo" is waiting endlessly for Vishwanath. And there must be a heartbroken story behind it. She becomes hysterical and sensitive about the character "Bayo" and decides to meet her when Ravi's husband was transferred back to India. When Raavi meets Bayo, the real life story of "Bayo" comes in front of us. Bayo is a muslim girl, whose father is freedom fighter. His father requests a Brahmin Teacher to take care of his daughter. This teacher is not married and he has given shelter to "Vishwanath" And that is how the love story starts. It is a very good movie.

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