Aga Bai Arrecha! (2004) Marathi Full Movie

Released on: 2004

Genre: Comedy, Family

Runtime: 164 min

Langauge: Marathi

Actor Sanjay Narvekar, Sonali Bendre, Dilip Prabhavalkar, Priyanka Yadav

Director Kedar Shinde

Aga Bai Arrecha! Story:

Aga Bai Arrecha! is a Comedy, Family Marathi movie released in 2004. The movie directed by Kedar Shinde and produced by . The film stars Sanjay Narvekar, Sonali Bendre, Dilip Prabhavalkar, Priyanka Yadav. Watch Aga Bai Arrecha! full movie online for free and also check out the promo, trailers and songs of Aga Bai Arrecha!.Shriranga Deshmukh (or Ranga) is a frustrated man. His frustration is particularly towards the women in his life — his wife, his mother and particularly his ever-angry boss. He feels they are in control of his life. During a trip to his native village, Ranga participates in an annual festival. During this trip he discovers that he has now gained the ability to listen to women's thoughts. At first, he is confused. But soon, on being counseled by a female psychologist, he learns to look at his abilities as a gift instead of a curse. From that point onwards, the insight into the female mind helps him understand the women around him. It helps him see their frustrations and dilemmas brought on by everyday life. Being good at heart, he slowly starts using this understanding to improve his relationship with his wife, mother, grandmother, his boss and even his father. He is also able to solve some of their problems, making them happier than before. As an incentive, he saves the city by foiling the plans of a would-be female terrorist.

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