Solar Storm in 2013 - Earth Blackout

Released on: 2010

Genre: Documentary

Runtime: 54 min

Langauge: Hindi

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Solar Storm in 2013 - Earth Blackout Story:

NASA has released very shocking news today about Earth Black out in 2013. According to NASA reports, the earth is going to massive solar storm in May 2013 which will have capacity to damage the earth and technology like satellites, GPS, mobile phones, television, radio. The solar storm can eject high radiation and charged particles into space which could lead to heavy magnetic fields that will become hazardous for functioning of satellites and space stations. Some experts are predicting that the damages as a result of this solar storm will be as huge as twenty times then the damages occurred due to Hurricane Katrina in year 2005. It could leave millions of people around the globe without electricity, water, and phone service. Experts are saying that it could cost $2 trillion to fix the resulting mess due to solar storm.

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