The Sun - Documentary

Released on: 2009

Genre: Documentary

Runtime: 54 min

Langauge: Hindi

Actor Earth Blackout in 2013 due to Solar Storm

The Sun - Documentary Story:

06/09/2010 Update: Will Earth Blackout in 2013 due to Solar Storm NASA's report. NASA has released very shocking news today about Earth Black out in 2013. According to NASA reports, the earth is going to massive solar storm in May 2013 which will have capacity to damage the earth and technology like satellites, GPS, mobile phones, television, radio. The solar storm can eject high radiation and charged particles into space which could lead to heavy magnetic fields that will become hazardous for functioning of satellites and space stations. Some experts are predicting that the damages as a result of this solar storm will be as huge as twenty times then the damages occurred due to Hurricane Katrina in year 2005. It could leave millions of people around the globe without electricity, water, and phone service. Experts are saying that it could cost $2 trillion to fix the resulting mess due to solar storm. Approximately 5 billion years old and just under 333,000 times the mass of Earth, discover the enchanting story of the Sun, the heart of our solar system and the driving force of life on Earth. The Sun is by far the brightest object in the sky. It's so bright that during the day its light drowns out virtually everything else in space. The Sun is so powerful that even from the Earth, its light can damage your eyesight. So never look at the Sun directly or through a telescope. The best time to appreciate the majesty of the Sun from the Earth is during a solar eclipse. Then the Moon passes in front of the Sun and so it temporarily disappears from the sky. Life on Earth is totally dependent on the the energy it receives from the Sun. This energy is produced when hydrogen atoms inside the Sun fuse to form helium. The Sun consumes four million tons of hydrogen every second. Even so, it's so vast that our star has enough fuel to keep it shining for another five billion years. The Sun's energy output is estimated to be 386 billion, billion megawatts. So in 15 minutes our Sun radiates as much energy as mankind consumes in all forms, during an entire year.

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